Knife Day or National Knife Day is a designated day for all kind of knives and their use. It is the time to appreciate their effectiveness and the roles they play in our lives.

When is the Knife Day 2017

Knife Day 2017 is celebrated on a Thursday, August 24.

Knife Day is done every year on August 24.

Knife Day Origin

There are no validated sources for Knife Day’s origin. It is not a verified holiday, yet, it is a good time for everybody to learn and appreciate the importance of a knife.

Knife Facts 

The best way to acknowledge the value of knives is to know some helpful facts about them:

  1. Alternative methods of knife sharpening can impair a good knife. Uneven surfaces of ceramic or rough stone often render an inconsistent blade on the knife. Thus, it is advisable to only use the appropriate knife sharpener.
  2. The metal alloy content on knife is not totally ‘stainless’. Rather, it means stain-resistant but to some extent. To protect your knives from stains, don’t immerse them in highly-concentrated salt water.
  3. To keep it from rusting, it is always better to keep your entire knife dry.
  4. A sharp knife is always advantageous than a dull knife. A dull one requires more force when in use which exposes the user to more danger.

National Knife Day, A Day of Appreciation

Indeed, knives even from the old times are used as a tool. It is used to carve out the basic necessities and is essential for survival.

Interestingly, for fishermen, surgeon, carver or rescue worker, a knife’s use means so much more. Without it, they will not be able to perform their jobs well. If we think about it closely, knives are almost the indispensable in our lives.

When is the Knife Day 2018

Knife Day 2018 will be done on a Friday, August 24th.

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