LEI DAY 2017

Lei Day is a day to celebrate native Hawaiian culture, the symbolizations, artworks and hula associated with Hawaii’s abundant flowers. Celebrations include the making and exchanging of leis among the local people, music, entertainment and food. The lei was actually a perfect symbol to represent the beauty of ancient and even modern day Hawaiian spirituality.

When is the Lie Day 2017?

Lei Day 2017 will take place on Monday, May 1, 2017.

Lei Day is celebrated every year on the 1st of May.

The origin of the Lie Day:

According to Harry B. Soria, Lei Day was developed in 1928 by island craftsman and author Donald Benson Blanding and Grace Tower Warren. Don Blanding is additionally credited for the invention of the custom of hurling the lei overboard when someone sailed away from Honolulu. On that day inhabitant was urged to wear a lei and the first May Day Festival featuring music, hula, and lei making shows was held in Honolulu capturing the Hawaii’s spirit and Hawaiian’s love of shade, blooms, and music.

The absolute most vivid and pleasant are found in the schools where every student in every classroom gets involved in lei making and traditional exhibitions of dance and tune. Many nearby inhabitants and guests apparently equivalent are drawn to local schools for the annual Lei Day events. With such a melting pot of cultures from far and wide, it has turned into a wonderful and exceptional festival of numerous social cultural differences coming together in one group.

Ways to celebrate Lie Day

Lei Day is a festival of Hawaiian society, or the aloha spirits. People usually celebrate by giving gifts of leis to one another. Schools also put on plays and elect Lei Day courts of Kings and Queens to represent the different islands.  Each island has its own symbol that is composed of a color and a bloom. O’ahu is yellow, Maui is pink, Lana’i is orange, Moloka’i is green, Ni’ihau is white, Kaua’i is purple, and Kaho’olawe is gray. In the same order the flowers are ‘ilima, lokelani, kauna’oa, kukui, pupu, mokihana, and hinahina shell.

Oahu features the biggest and best Lei Day festivals which are recognized within Kapiolani Park in Waikiki. The most popular occasion is the Lei Contest, which accepts sections from both kids and adults, put on display in the local mausoleum in Nuuanu the following day.

When is the Lie Day in 2018?

The Lie Day will be on May 1st, 2018, a Tuesday.