Lemonade day is one thirst-quenching day.  This day celebrates this very popular drink in the United States. This drink does not only taste good but it can also help relieve colds.  It is very easy to make lemonade and on lemonade day, try making your own recipe! See also Lemonade day

When is Lemonade Day 2017?

Lemonade Day 2017 is on Sunday, August 20th, 2017.

Lemonade Day is celebrated once a year on August 20th.

How did Lemonade Day begin?

Lemonade has been around even during the Ancient Egyptians’ time.  The popularity of the drink spread across Europe during the middle ages then it arrived in the U.S in the 1800’s.  It is still is very popular that the lemonade was given different blends, variations and colors.  Now, there isn’t any official declaration why Lemonade day is on August 20th but since it is summer, the demand for this refreshment is at its peak. 

What will people do on Lemonade Day?

There are many things to do on Lemonade day.  The events are for adults and kids.  The places to have lemonade are endless.  It can be at home, at work, on the streets, in restaurants, groceries and many more.  The adults organize parties like backyard barbecue or poolside picnics and serve lemonade as their drink.  These are mixed with vodka, gin or any flavoring they want.  Children have lemonade stands in their local neighborhoods. They earn extra cash and learn how to run businesses.  Restaurants make their own blend of lemonade and pair it with their menu specials.  Groceries have discounted lemons and other ingredients for the event.

Pomona’s Pride

In speaking of ingredients, lemonade day will not be possible without the Lemon.  This citrus fruit has so many uses ranging from food, household products, décor, and beauty agent among others.  The Lemon-butter sauce for seafood such as lobster and shrimp, the lemon-scented soaps, shampoos, tile cleaners and air freshener, as skin exfoliant…the list goes on.  Truly, the refreshing scent and flavor of the lemon is like being with the goddess of fruits.

When is Lemonade Day 2018?

Lemonade Day 2018 is on Monday, August 20, 2018.