Everybody is familiar with Valentine’s Day, the day for lovers, and how it is celebrated.  But not all people have lovers, at least, in the romantic point of view.  So for such somewhat unlucky people, there’s still something to celebrate in lieu of Valentine’s Day.  If you’re not yet aware of it, it’s the Library Lovers Day!

When is the Library Lovers Day in 2018?

The Library Lovers Day is on February 14, 2018, a Wednesday.

The Library Lovers Day is always celebrated globally on Valentine’s Day each year.

The Origin and Purpose of Library Lovers Day:

A library is a sanctuary far from the hustle and flurry of everyday existence.  It is a place in schools and communities where people go to gain knowledge through reading of books and other paraphernalia.  Though this is possible to do through the web, online materials are yet not as complete as books found in the library.

In February 14, 2006, the first Library Lovers Day in Australia was launched to support love for libraries and to remind politicians and law makers on the value of libraries to the entire community.  This event had giveaways for the participants in the form of green, blue and orange wristbands.  Since then on, it had been observed annually and had spread to my many countries as well.

The Library Lovers Day celebration:

This special day gives the library lovers the chance to advertise their sanctum of security, peace and quiet.  Participation in its celebration may be through making donations to the local library in cash, volunteer service or in kind.  The matter may be in the form of giveaways for the special day, such as, bookmarks, book-shaped mini cakes, little chocolate hearts or postcards.

Other forms of celebration may be to lend or barter books with friends, dressing in red and joining a writer’s workshop.  Hosting a reading session among friends, with love as the topic, is also a creative form of observance.  A simple changing of one’s Facebook cover and avatar featuring the event is also acceptable.

When is the Library Lovers Day in 2019?

The Library Lovers Day is on February 14, 2019, a Thursday.