Lighthouse Day 2017

The term “guiding light” must have been coined in because of lighthouses.  These structures’ sole purpose is to make sure that ships or any vessel on the sea will dock safely especially during the night and bad weather.  On lighthouse day, the lighthouse’s history and significance is celebrated and given appropriate recognition.

When is Lighthouse Day 2017?

Lighthouse day will be on Monday August 7th, 2017.

Lighthouse day  is celebrated once a year on  August 7th.

How did Lighthouse Day begin?

It was in August 1789 when the United States Congress approved the act of “building lighthouses, beacons, buoys and piers.”  But in August 7th 1989 was officially made as “National Lighthouse Day.” The government made the safety of sailors, seamen and other seafarers their priority.  Thus when this holiday was created, this would remind everyone of how useful lighthouses are.

What will people do on Lighthouse Day?

People flock their local lighthouses and take tours.  They learn about when and how that certain lighthouse was built. They give donations after their visit. Aside from their local lighthouse, they also learn about how lighthouses from other parts of the world were made.  For those people who don’t have lighthouses in their area go to their local library and read about lighthouses or watch documentaries.

The metaphor of the Lighthouse

Darkness, howling winds and storms are all associated with problems in life.  Now when the light from a beacon shines, the traveler aboard the ship will be guided where to stop and accidents will be minimized.  The traveler will also be relieved to know that land is nearby.  Someone or something that can alleviate the problems in a person’s life is compared to this beacon.  Without the beacon, the ship can get lost; without a guide, a person can become depressed with all his problems and feel lost.

A similar tale about “guiding lights” is told in Greek mythology.  The story is about a priestess of Aphrodite name Hero and her lover Leander.  Hero lived across the sea from Leander’s.  So when he visits her, Leander would swim from his island to Hero’s every night.  Hero would always place a torch on her window to help Leander find his way to her house.  But there was a storm one night and it blew away the light of the torch.  Leander could not determine where Hero’s house was. The waves swept him away and he drowned.

The lesson in the story is guides should also be steadfast or unfading.  The guide should not be blown out by winds. The guide should be capable of helping a person solve his or her problems.

When is Lighthouse Day 2018?

Lighthouse day will be on Tuesday August 7th, 2018.

Next year, all people should have strong resolutions and commitments to solve their problems.  They should also have good “guiding lights” such as trusted friends or family members.  The “guiding lights” are supposed to be good role models and steer them towards positivity.