How often do you stop and think of your dreams?  Have you checked how close or far you are from it?  Or do you just keep on working for it, praying hard, learning from the stumbling blocks along the way, and picking yourself up each time you fall?

When is the Make Your Dreams Come True Day 2018?

Make Your Dreams Come True Day is on January 13, 2018, a Saturday.

Make Your Dreams Come True Day is always on the 13th day of each year.

Origin and Purpose of Make Your Dream Come True Day:

There is no record as to the origin of this special day.  As to its purpose, one can only make deductions.  Subjective as it is, it is something shared by the whole human race.  We all dream.  Dreams are liken to goals which require hard work, lots of prayers and some luck.  This worldwide fun day gives us a chance to stop, look and listen.  We need to stop, once in a while, in our daily routine to look around.  It’s the only way for us to see how far we have travelled on the road towards our dream.  In so doing, we need to listen to our heart to assure us that we’re on the right track.

Make Your Dream Come True Day celebration:

Sending e-cards can be a nice way to spend this day.  Any other way to inspire a friend to attain his dream can be an appropriate way to celebrate this day.  On the personal side, it would be nice if this day is spent to recall the purpose of our dreams.  Unlike daydreaming, making our dreams come true require action, belief, persistence, patience, openness and flexibility. This day is imperative for achievers.  Achievers, after all, are dreamers and positive thinkers.  They need this day to measure their efforts, reaffirm their purpose and strengthen their faith.  Reaching one’s goal isn’t easy.  But with a little help from a friend, the journey can be less stressful.

When is the Make Your Dreams Come True Day in 2019?

Make Your Dreams Come True Day is on January 13, 2019, a Sunday.