In fairy tales, princesses are always rescued by knights in shining armour.  This perennial story line continues even to this day using the latest technology.  The entertainment medium had tremendously changed from books to games.  The personalities of the heroes had lost much of its glamour.  Yet, the fact remains – damsels in distress are saved!

When is the Mario Day in 2018?

Mario Day is on March 10, 2018, a Saturday.

Mario Day is always celebrated around the world on the 10th day of March annually.

The Origin and Purpose of the Mario Day:

There is no formal recording of the inaugural celebration of this unconventional day.  Its purpose though is to honour all males named Mario, and more especially Super Mario, the famous mascot of Nintendo.  The date chosen is based on the day’s abbreviation:  Mar10!

The History of Super Mario:

Mario’s debut was in 1981 in Donkey Kong as an Italian carpenter characterized by his jumping to constantly save Princess Peach with his brother, Luigi.  The game’s theme song also gained tremendous popularity.  His occupation in the later series was changed to that of a plumber with the series produced in Japanese and English languages.

This fictional fat and short hero, residing in the Mushroom Kingdom, was conceived by Shigaru Miyamoto, a Japanese video game inventor.  The Super Mario Brothers had been known to be more prominent than Mickey Mouse.  Its video game franchise had topped the sales charts inspiring the marketing of licensed goods, shows in televisions, comics and movies.

The Celebration of the Mario Day:

Activities on this unique day may consist of playing jump rope with friends in the tune of the Mario Brothers theme song; spending time with friends in Mario shirts; and, drinking beer in Mario mugs while munching pizza.  Hosting a Mario costume party and having a tournament of Super Mario Brothers games is also a perfect way to spend the day.

When is the 2019 Mario Day?

Mario Day is on March 10, 2019, a Sunday.