Who doesn’t know the famous and hilarious Mickey Mouse? I bet everybody knows who he is. Mickey Mouse Day is a tribute for his wonderful significance in the Walt Disney Company since he has become one of the universal symbols of the 20th century.

When is Mickey Mouse Day 2017

Mickey Mouse Day 2017 will be observed on Saturday, 18th of November.

Mickey Mouse Day is always celebrated on November 18.

When is Mickey Mouse Day Origin

Mickey Mouse is an amusing animation character and the official symbol of the Walt Disney Company who made its first appearance in the short film entitled Steamboat Willie, the first cartoon with harmonized sound in November 18, 1928. He was created by none other than the famous Walt Disney and his companion Ub Iwerks.

Mickey Mouse is absolutely recognized by his red shorts with white buttons on it, white gloves and huge yellow shoes with a wonderful personality that directly resembles its creator. Mickey Mouse has become one of the most recognizable cartoon character in the world and the first animated character to have a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The idea of creating Mickey Mouse was born out of Walt Disney’s wild imagination when he and his wife are riding on the train from New York to Los Angeles. He is supposed to be named as Mortimer, but his wife Lilly refused to because it is too stuffy and superior for a sweet little mouse and suggested Mickey instead. From then on, Mickey Mouse has become a universal icon.

Bunch of Demeanours to Celebrate Mickey Mouse Day

There are whole lots of reason to celebrate the Mickey Mouse Day especially with the kids of all ages. Mickey Mouse is a picture of goodwill and happiness. Mickey Mouse Day is the best day to remember his delightful contribution to the world through his smiles, laughter and his magic.

  • Organize a trip with the family to Disneyland Resort in California or Disney World Resort and have all the family experience the extravagance of Mickey Mouse’ world.
  • Have an all-day Mickey Day with the kids by reading over a Mickey Mouse story to them before they go to bed.
  • Plan and organize Mickey Mouse themed party and bake a cake in a Mickey Mouse shape and colors.
  • Have a movie marathon with Mickey Mouse series with your kids.

Mickey Mouse Day 2018

Mickey Mouse Day will take place on a Sunday,  18th of November.