I haven’t heard of a child who survived the first week of his life without milk in any form!  As mammals, our first nourishment outside of our mother’s womb is milk.  It may be from our mother’s breast or from a milk formula.  In the developing countries, milk may be from boiled rice.

When is Milk Day in 2018?

Milk Day is on January 11, 2018, a Thursday.

Milk Day is observed annually every 11th day of January.

Purpose and Origin of the Milk Day:

The Milk Day celebrates the day when milk was first delivered in glass bottles.  This event occurred in January 11, 1878.  Due to this innovation, milk is kept fresh compared to previous packaging and delivery methods used.  The first glass milk bottle in America had a screwed cap lid and is called the Lester milk Jar patented in January 29, 1878. 

Milk is a white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals.  It is the primary source of nutrition for young mammals before they are able to digest other types of food.  It is used in drinking and cooking.  Aside from cows, milk comes from soy, almonds and rice.  Soy milk lasts longer than cow milk but studies disclosed that a mother cow can produce up to eight gallons of milk each day!

Milk Day celebration:

Milk Day is observed by many people and schools all over the world.  The date is celebration though varies from one country to another.  Though not a holiday, this day is observed by many and in so many ways.  Crafts and games are done on this day, such as, milk painting, creation of cow puppets, decorating a clay pot to look like a cow or drawing a cow with crayons.

In schools, milk science experiments are conducted.  Communities and organizations sponsor sampling of different dairy products.  Coffee shops and restaurants observe this day be featuring milkshakes in their menu or beverage for the day.  School children would spend the day on a field trip to a dairy farm.  Milk Day is so easy to observe!

Milk Day Trivia:

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) declared September 28 of each year as the World School Milk Day in 2000.  In 2001, the same organization declared June 1 of each year as the World Milk Day.  In the United Kingdom, the second week of October each year is their annual School Milk Week.

When is the 2019 Milk Day?

Milk Day is on January 11, 2019, a Friday.