The energy that heats our home, the raw materials that fuel our economy and the resources that ensure our security are produced with the miners’ sweat and blood. Miner’s Day is a time to appreciate, honor and remember the people who risk their lives to provide the raw materials needed to construct and sustain the foundations of civilization.

Miner’s Day 2017

Miner’s Day 2017 will take place on Wednesday, December 6, 2018.

Miner’s Day is always celebrated on the 6th of December.

Miner’s Day History

On December 3, 2009, a resolution was passed in the US Senate making the 6th of December as National Miner’s Day. It is a day to recognize the materials procured with the sacrifice of miners and the contribution of miners to the US economy. Miner’s Day encourages the people in the US to join in local and national activities in honor of the miners’ contributions.

Miner’s Day is also a commemoration of the mining tragedy that happened on December 6, 1907 in Monongah, West Virginia. It was the worst mining disaster in the history of America that took the lives of 362 men and boys.

Mining Disasters

December 1907 is also remembered as “bloody December” in the coal fields. On December 1, 34 men were killed in a gas explosion in a mine in Fayette City, Pennsylvania. On December 6, the worst mining accident in American History happened. Ten days later, 57 men died in an explosion in Yolande, Alabama. Three days later, 239 miners were killed in an explosion in Jacobs Creek, Pennsylvania.

On January 2, 2006, a mining disaster occurred at Sago, West Virginia that resulted to the deaths of 12 miners. On January 20 that year, 2 miners died in another mining accident at the Aracoma mine in West Virginia. Two more coal miners died in Boone Country, West Virginia on February 2, 2006.

Miner’s Day Observance

Every minute at work, a miner’s life is in grave danger. He faces gas explosions, fire, roof falls and equipment failure. This Miner’s Day, it is time to give honor to the sacrifices of these brave workers.

  1. Do you know someone with a mining profession? Recognize his efforts in serving the nation.
  2. If you have the opportunity, visit the heart of the Nation’s coal country, West Virginia.
  3. Learn more from the web about the different mining industry.
  4. Visit the official website of Miner’s Day and know the importance of this celebration.
  5. Know the lyrics of an old mining song that conveys a fact about a miner.

Miner’s Day 2018

Miner’s Day 2018 will be on Thursday, December 6, 2018.