Mule Day is an annual celebration of all things related to mules and is held in Columbia, Tennessee, the “Mule Capital” of the world. Traditional Appalachian food, music, dancing, and crafts are the special events of the mule day. The highlight of the Mule Day festivities is the Mule Day Parade. Mule Day is a great way to fill an afternoon with fun for the entire family.

When is the Mule Day 2018?

Mule Day 2018 will be celebrated from Monday ,April 2 –  to Sunday, April 8. (see also NATIONAL MULE DAY on October)

Mule Day is celebrated a week on March to April.

The origin of the Mule Day:

Mule Day has been a prominent Columbia convention for almost 170 years, since the 1840. It was started as Breeder Day, a solitary day livestock show and donkey marketed occasion hung on the first Monday in May. After some time, “Mule Day” advanced from a single day event into a multi-day festival, drawing in many actively present people, enduring just about a week. In 1933, Thomas Marion Brown had the thought for a Mule Day Parade and Celebration as an approach to bring in money to the group. He approached W.D. Hastings of the Daily Herald & J.J. Johnson to carry this occasion to life. They headed off to the Chamber of Commerce and in 1934 the First Mule Day Parade was a reality. Tom composed the Mule Day Crown which is on display in the Maury County Public Library.

Mule Day was also a way to bring more income and people to the town during the Depression. It has been over 180 years since the beginning of the Mule Day now has brought in over two hundred thousand people each year. Mule Day is a way to get together, and have a wonderful day together. The locals tend to have spots in which they stake out every year to park their trucks or chairs. People line the streets with their snacks and drinks and wait out the parade.

Celebrating Events of Mule Day

  • If you throughout during Mule Day celebrations, you may see a square dance, a mule-driving challenge, a horse show, a c specialties celebration, or go to flea market. Different occasions incorporate “best of breed”, “working mule” or logger rivalry competitions. Food served at the occasion includes barbecue, simmered corn, home-made pies and funnel cakes.
  • Since 1934, the celebration has been highlighted by a “Mule Day Parade” hung on Saturday throughout the festival. Floats in the parade contend, with victors in each one judged class appropriating grants, for example, strips or cash.
  • The challenge for the Mule Day Queen is likewise hung on Saturday. The competition is open to candidates age 15 to 21. The victor is chosen dependent upon on an essay and other criteria.
  • The annual mule pull challenge obliges a couple of mules to pull a sled stacked with soot obstructs 10 feet. Each pair is given 3 tries to make it the full 10 feet. The group that pulls the most weight wins.

When is the Mule Day in 2019?

Mule Day 2019 t.b.c.