Do you know that a male donkey and a female horse can produce an offspring? Mules, which are produced from different species, are celebrated each year. If you want to know from mules, Mule Day is the perfect time for you to learn from them.

National Mule Day 2017

National Mule Day 2017 will be observed on a Thursday, 26th of October. (see also MULE DAY on  March to April).

Mule Day is observed annually on October 26th.

Mule Day’s Origin

Initially, Mule Day has roots in Breeder’s Day, a rendezvous for mule breeders. Popularly celebrated at Columbia, Breeder’s Day gradually evolved into Mule Day. A celebration primarily for mules, Mule Day also includes music, dancing, Appalachian food and crafts could last for almost a week.

According to Mule Day’s official website, Mule Day eventually gained increased popularity because of Maury Country’s participation. This influence caused the mule celebration to earn the title as one of the most in demand livestock markets worldwide.

Interesting Mule Facts You Should Know

 1) Primarily, a mule is a hybrid animal. Since a horse has 64 chromosomes and a donkey has 62 chromosomes, this makes most mules 99.9% sterile.

2) A male mule’s name is john or horse mule. Female mules, on the other hand, are called molly or mare.

3) A mule is considered more intelligent than its parents, with its curious nature. It has an instinctive nature to steer its owner away from any dangerous paths.

4) Even during prehistoric times, mules are used for farming, riding and transportation means. It is referred to as ‘pack and draft’ animal.

5) A female mule is called hinny. It is a produced by a jennet or a female donkey and a stallion or a male horse. Compared to mule, a hinny is much difficult to breed. It is often considered rarer than a mule.

National Mule Day- A Day for Mule Appreciation

Mules are often characterized as an animal with superior intelligence compared to other animals. Precisely because of this reason, mules are generally used in plowing before the introduction of mechanized farming.  Mules have also been used as the U.S. military’s transport means of food and other supplies especially in difficult areas.

National Mule Day or Mule Day recognizes the importance of mule’s roles. Since this is a celebration that could last for days, there are many activities that you could engage in. Activities such as a square dance, crafts festival, mule-driving contest and many others will surely leave you fascinated enough to attend the next Mule Day!

Mule Day 2018

National  Mule Day 2018 will be observed on a Friday, 26th of October.