After reading the title, you might ask yourself ‘So there is such a day as Mustard Day?’ Indeed, your favorite yellow condiment, your chosen pair to a hot dog treat has a special day. Make sure not to miss the fun and engage yourself in the tasty celebration of Mustard Day!

National Mustard Day 2017

National Mustard Day 2017 will take place on a Saturday, 5th of August.

Annually, National Mustard Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of August.

National Mustard Day Origin

Today, we get to celebrate Mustard Day thanks to the initiative of Barry Levenson. Levenson, Wisconsin’s former Assistant Attorney General, started a mustard collection to be able to get over his despondency from Boston Red Sox’s loss in the 1986 World Series.

From an initial of dozen jars of mustard variety, the collection grew into 5,300 mustards which came from over 60 countries. The collections also include several mustard souvenir items and displays of mustard use throughout the years.

On April 6, 1992, the museum officially opened to the public at Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. In October 2002, it moved to a more prominent location. Finally, in November 2009, it relocated to Middleton and changed its name to National Mustard Museum.

Mustard Facts

  • There are two basic types of mustard: white and yellow mustard.
  • Mustard can survive continually. It may dry out or lose its flavor but a measure of wine or vinegar can renew its dried out state.
  • The Romans were the initial users of mustard as a condiment.
  • The yellow mustard is the most popular mustard in the USA.
  • Mustard is composed of mustard plant’s ground seed, water, vinegar and a dash of flavorings and spices.

Mustard Day Entertainment

Do you always enjoy your mustard in its regular yellow version? This Mustard Day is the best time to try out its other sorts as well. To be able to enjoy it more, why not share the experience with your family and friends?

Mustard Day is also customarily enjoyed through music, game and entertainment. To emphasize the mustard’s unique yet delicious taste, in some areas, free hot dogs and free mustard samplings are done.

National Mustard Day 2018

National Mustard Day 2018 will take place on a Saturday, 4th of August.