Do you ever wonder where food comes from? Then you should come join the festivities on National Agriculture Day.  Simply known as Agriculture Day, the nation celebrates the very source of survival that has contributed to the flourishing of civilizations for thousands of years and even today.

When is Agriculture Day 2018?

Agriculture Day 2018 is on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

Agriculture Day is celebrated every Fourth Tuesday on March.

How did Agriculture Day begin?

The event started in 1973.  And since then the activities have been participated by food producers, agricultural associations, educational institutions and many more.  Their main objective is to share to people the importance and the role agriculture has to society.

What will people do on Agriculture Day?

Since the goal is awareness about how agriculture contributes to daily life, exhibits, symposiums, cook-outs, contests, seminars and the like are held.  The target audience is both children and adults and they are shown how food is grown, produced and marketed.

Waste Not, Want Not

As per definition, Agriculture is a science that deals with planting crops, harvesting and raising livestock.  And it is one of the oldest sciences practiced in the world.  Agriculture provided income and food source.  If calamities happened and affected agriculture, lives were lost.  The ancient Greeks and Romans even had a goddess of agriculture, Demeter (Ceres 😉 they worshipped this deity to help the crops grow and spare it from disasters.

Food, of course is a basic need of man among others such as water, air, shelter…etc.  It is treated as a precious commodity.  But sometimes, people tend to overlook the importance of food by wasting it.  Just because food production seems limitless, the efforts done by agriculturists and farmers should also be considered.  Planting and growing crops is a very laborious task as well as taking care of livestock.

When people become careless in storing or handling food to the point that it spoils or just because a person doesn’t want to eat and will just have to be thrown away, this puts the efforts of the farmers to waste as well.  Not to mention, time, energy and money.  The lives of animals slaughtered would have been for nothing too.

Taking great care in handling and storing food in the same way a farmer took take of his field reaps good merits since not all people have the opportunity to be given all the ease and comfort in life.  In developing countries, they are facing several challenges that may not be problems for famers in the United States.  By also knowing how other farmers from the other side of the globe are doing, these can encourage people to value the importance of food.


Here is a short poem about a farmer’s life in a developing country, where planting is done by hand on paddy rice fields:

Planting is not a joke

The whole day bending

Can’t even stand

Can’t even sit


Both my arms are cramping

My waist is numbing

My legs are throbbing

The whole day my feet in soak


Oh how unfortunate

That I am poor

If my limbs won’t pull the yoke

Then there is nothing for this poor folk


In the early morn as I wake up

I always keep in mind

Where there is a good crop

Good food I will find


Come, come my friends

Together let us stretch

For the new tomorrow

We will work until we are wretch


Both my arms are cramping

My waist is numbing

My legs are throbbing

The whole day my feet in soak

When is Agriculture Day 2019?

Agriculture Day 2019 is on Tuesday, March 26, 2019.

Relevant note:

The poem is based on the Filipino folk song, “Magtanim ay Di Biro.”

(Planting is not a Joke)