Special days may be historical, inspiring or negative.  In observing negative days, a person may choose not to.  It’s just a matter of choice:  to celebrate or not.  And should the choice be to celebrate, the next we need to decide is how to celebrate.  The freedom to choose is one of God’s most precious gifts to mankind.  So where would like to be in Santa’s list at the end of the year – good or naughty list?

When is the National Be Nasty Day in 2017?

The National Be Nasty Day is on March 8, 2017 a Wednesday.

The National Be Nasty Day is always observed in the United States of America on the 8th day of March each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the National Nasty Day:

There is no record as to the origin and purpose of this bizarre American holiday.  It can just be surmise that this day may have been created to attain a balance as most holidays are good and sweet.  To appreciate the good in the world, people need to be reminded of how it is to be spiteful, difficult or rude.

The Observance of the National Be Nasty Day:

Nasty is synonymous to being mean, cynical or not nice.  To observe this day, a person may do anything offensive, bad or vicious.  This may be being brutally frank or just plain being nasty.  Though honesty is a positive quality, how we say it can spell the difference between being diplomatic and cruel.  Be reminded that this unpopular day can affect the next days of a lifetime.

Observance can also be done by turning the other cheek.  This means that if someone tells you, “All day I thought of you…I was at the zoo!”  Take it proactively and reply with, “How sweet of you!  Though I may not have the grace of a bird in flight, I do strive to sing as good as they do!”  Being witty in your responses for this day may be a better way to celebrate the day.

When is the National Be Nasty Day in 2018?

The National Be Nasty Day is on March 8, 2018, a Thursday.