Alcoholic drinks can be a great company when a person is sad or happy.  Best taken with friends, this beverage can result to merriment or bring a person to tears.  It generally loosens a person’s shyness, gives a person a certain level of bravery or courage or brings back sad memories.  Whatever the reason may be, a bottle of beer will always be around to give someone company.

When is the National Beer Day in 2017?

The National Beer Day is on April 7, 2017, a Friday.

The National Beer Day is always observed in the United States of America on the seventh day of April each year.

The Origin and History of the National Beer Day:

The first National Beer Day started in 2007 to commemorate the signing of the Cullen-Harrison Act by President Franklin Roosevelt on April 7, 1933.  A prohibition on selling beer was promulgated in 1920 which was ended by the signed law.  After thirteen dry years, Americans were allowed to brew and sell beer provided it’s below four per cent alcohol by volume.

Despite the set alcohol content limitation, the Americans were ecstatic about it.  At midnight, marking the beginning of the inaugural celebration of the National Beer Day, many Americans rushed to the nearest store to purchase their preferred kind of beer.  This became a historical event called the “New Beer’s Eve.”

The Purpose of the National Beer Day:

Beer had been brewed for the last eight thousand years and is considered the third oldest and most popular drink on Earth.  Water and tea remains the first and second in the list.  Thus, a day is chosen each year to provide mankind to give a toast to beer, its brewers, distributors, outlets and consumers.  It is also a day to thank Ninkasi, the Sumerian goddess of beer and brewing.

The National Beer Day Celebration:

The National Beer Day is an opportunity to buy a friend a bottle of his favourite beer or to accept one from a friend.  To top it, it’s a chance for friends to spend time and drink together.  Hosting a party is also encouraged featuring beer drinking contests and playing a truth-or-consequence game.  This game can be done through spinning an empty bottle of beer.

When is the National Beer Day in 2018?

The National Beer Day is on April 7, 2018, a Saturday.