Whenever the word “beheading” is heard, one thing comes to mind: the capital punishments in Europe during the olden times.  Although today, some countries still use this as a penalty for crimes, the grisly and horrid stories of people in history executed in this method will never be forgotten.  On Beheading day, we remember these people, their rise and fall as well as the end of this grim chastisement.

When is Beheading Day 2017?

Beheading Day 2017 will be on Saturday, September 2nd, 2017.

Beheading Day is celebrated once a year on September 2nd.

How did Beheading Day begin?

There is no formal declaration that Beheading day should be celebrated on this very day.  But there was an English aristocrat by the name of Alice Lisle who was beheaded on September 2.  She was not the only royal beheaded in history.  There were other monarchs that came before her and after her who met the same fate.  The main reason? They supported people they weren’t supposed to.    

What will people do on Beheading Day?

The stories of Alice Lisle and the others are very interesting reads.  Even methods of torture prior to execution during the olden times are quite fascinating.  Even Discovery channel had a documentary called “Machines of Malice.” This featured the implements used during torture and execution.  Watching this documentary is one good way of celebrating beheading day.

Visiting museums and libraries is another and focus should be on those who died under the axe.  A more in-depth, yet expensive, way of remembering these people is a trip to Europe especially the Tower of London where most of these executions happened there.  France had its own share of beheadings.  A visit to museums there too is best.

“Off With Her Head!”

From “Alice in Wonderland”, Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece, the queen threatens the protagonist Alice of chopping off her head.  That form of punishment may have been depicted in the novel even though beheading in England stopped in the late 18th century and the novel was published in the 19th century.

So why should it be the head? Probably because the head contains the brain that is responsible for all body functions.  Losing the head would mean cessation of life itself.   And in the olden times death is a punishment fit for “severe” crimes.  And these crimes are just about anything that irked the King or any person of authority who could command other people to carry out the deed.  And beheading is only for people who have positions in English society.

It is very depressing to know that this brutal method really existed.  But it’s good to know that today there are only a few countries that still have the death penalty.  There are only select states in the U.S that have the death penalty.

When is Beheading Day 2018?

Beheading Day 2018 is on Sunday, September 2, 2018.

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