Bird watching is an activity best done with a friend.  The finest way to do this is to keep still or sitting quietly in a park, a zoo or on a rooftop.  It is paramount that the birds be not distracted by the watchers’ presence.  For in so doing, the person can see the natural and carefree ways of a bird as it goes with its day.

When is the National Bird Day in 2017?

National Bird Day is on January 5, 2017, a Thursday.

National Bird Day is always celebrated on the 5th day of each year.

History of the National Bird Day:

The National Bird Day started in 1894 by Charles Almanzo Babcock in Oil City, Pennsylvania.  Being the City Superintendent of schools, he established Bird Day to promote bird preservation as an ethical value.  This day is celebrated every May 4 of each year.  Through its efforts, this awareness is now celebrated by the nation.

Purpose of the National Bird Day:

Birds are winged species who act as lookouts for the ecosystem.  Through their behaviour, we can be alerted with global environmental problems.  Lately, many bird species, especially parrots and songbirds are facing extinction.  This is due to illegal per trade and loss of their natural habitat brought about by the so-called human progress.

To address this problem, the National Bird Day is observed annually to create public awareness, advance education and prevent bird extinction.  In captivity, birds are deprived of their natural ways, such as to fly and flock freely.  As a result, birds in captivity may not survive, once set free.  Without the birds, there may be an imbalance in the world’s ecosystem.

The National Bird Day celebration:

To advance the special day’s purpose, bird-related activities are held, such as, art competitions, writing blogs on the different bird species or simply making your pet bird happy.  Studying or knowing your pet bird is a great way to attain the latter.  Adopting a bird though is the most popular way to participate in this event.

Fun activities are also done in zoos, aquariums and schools.  This includes poster-making contest, bird photography exhibitions or bird games.  Museums conduct tours in their aviaries while protected lands and biospheres have bird drinking or walking contests.  A theme is also chosen for this event.

International Migratory Bird Day:

Another annual event is also observed worldwide but focuses on migratory birds.  This is the International Migratory Bird Day observed every 2nd Saturday of May in the United States of America and Canada.   For Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, this special day is observed every 2nd Saturday of October.

When is the National Bird Day in 2018?

National Bird Day is on January 5, 2018, a Friday.