Bologna is a word most mom and kids know well. It is one of the most common breakfast and also a lunchbox classic. Children all over the world grew up eating bologna sandwiches. This National Bologna Day, you can enjoy different recipes of bologna and sing: My bologna has a first name…

National Bologna Day 2017

National Bologna Day 2017 will be on Tuesday, the 24th of October, 2017.

National Bologna Day is always celebrated on the 24th of October.

National Bologna Day Origin 

The origin of this unofficial holiday is unknown. However, bologna’s history is clear. Bologna is a sausage derived from the Italian mortadella, a finely ground pork sausage containing lard cubes that originated in Bologna, Italy. Bologna is said to be present since the 1400s.

There is a wide variety of bologna, such as German Bologna, Lebanon Bologna, New Zealand Bologna, Kosher Bologna, Beef Bologna, etc. It could include beef, chicken, pork, turkey, soy protein and spices, depending on the kind of bologna. An American version of bologna that is mass-produced is made of pork and chicken and is inexpensive.

National Bologna Day Celebration

Enjoying National Bologna Day is easy. You can have a Bologna sandwich or try a fried bologna. Why not find an Italian restaurant and try the original Mortadella di Bologna? Also try finding new recipes online and make your own version of bologna sandwich.

You may want to learn about the lyrics of Oscar Mayer’s Bologna Song popularized in 1976. Oscar Mayer’s Bologna commercials are available on YouTube.

National Bologna Day 2018

National Bologna Day 2018 will occur on Wednesday, the 24th of October, 2018.