Have you ever made your big boss smile? If you have not, or if you simply want to, National Boss Day is a perfect day for you to do that. As a way of showing our gratitude for all the efforts they do for the company, don’t they deserve a treat?

When is the National Boss Day 2017

National Boss Day 2017 will be celebrated on a Monday, October 16th.

National Boss Day happens annually on October 16 (or nearest working day).

National Boss Day Origin

In 1958, Patricia Bays Haroski initiated a petition to the Chamber of Commerce to acknowledge October 16 as a day to be dedicated to all earnestly diligent bosses of America. She chose October 16 specifically to honor her own father’s birthday who was also a hardworking man. In 1962, the holiday was made official by the Illinois governor as National Boss Day on October 16.This declaration thus began the day dedicated for the celebration of all the bosses.

National Boss Day- A Way of Saying ‘Thank You’

Oftentimes we hear complaints about bosses. ‘My boss is too unreasonable!’ or maybe ‘My boss is too demanding!’ are the common murmurings of the employees. On the other side of the coin, have we ever taken notice of the bosses’ sacrifices and hard works for the company’s welfare? Have we ever noted their contributions?

There are many ways to say thank you. On National Big Boss Day, how about saying these kind of thank yous in different ways?

1) Leave simple yet grateful little notes. You can place it in their office vase or in a work folder as long as they see it. It doesn’t matter if these notes come with a champagne or with a food, what matters is that they know it came from you and it came from the heart.

2) Treat them with their favorite food. Talk to their secretary or family member. Know what is their preferred food of all time and surprise your boss with this treat.

3)  Plan a group gift with your co-workers. Whether it comes as a cake or a combination of thank you tokens, make sure for it to be fun yet sincere enough to let your boss know how he is valued.

4) Create a video for your boss. Rummage through your photo albums. Any captured fun moment will surely put a smile of reminiscence to your boss.

5) Do your best to perform your work well. Do you think you can improve your work performance? Then do it. One of the best gifts we can give to anyone is our wholehearted effort for a shared goal.

National Boss Day 2018

National Boss Day 2018 will be celebrated on a Tuesday, October 16.