What is a celebration without a cake? And what is a cake is without decorations? Surely anyone would have more delight in decorated cakes than the plain ones. This National Cake Decorating Day, it’s time to experiment different cake decorations and show that sweet side of yours! If you are not an expert in cake decorating, why not try it as a hobby?

National Cake Decorating Day 2017

Cake Decorating Day 2017 will be on Sunday, the 15th of October, 2017. Some people will celebrate the Cake Decorating Day 2017 on Tuesday, the 10th of October

Cake Decorating Day is celebrated every year on the 10th of October. Some people celebrate the Cake Decorating Day on  the 10th of October.

Cake Decorating Origin

Cake decorating is one of the latest culinary arts that has a long and colored history. Decorating cakes started in the mid-17th century. That is also the time of the first appearance of cake pans in Northeastern Europe domestic kitchens. But elaborate cake desserts were just a display in feasts then and only wealthy aristocrats could afford it. The art of decorating cakes started later in the mid-19th century when cakes became a regular sight in banquet tables in many parts of Europe. Temperature controlled oven, baking powder and baking soda also became available in that period.

In 1929, Wilton Enterprises, an American business, started their cake decorating classes and advertised it to chefs and caterers. In 1947, they promoted their line of baking utensils and cake decorating products which influenced people to personally decorate their own cakes.

National Cake Decorating Day Celebration

National Cake Decorating Day is not only for the experts in cakes. Everyone can try it as a new hobby. You can practice the technique in cake decorating or try a new frosting. Look online for new recipes, ideas, and techniques in decorating cake. You can also invite your friends for a cake decorating competition. The art of cake decorating is not really that difficult, it just takes experience and patience. So, don’t just bake a cake, create an attractive decorated cake.

National Cake Decorating Day 2018

National Cake Decorating Day 2018 will occur on Monday, October 15, 2018. (Some people will celebrate the Cake Decorating Day 2018 on Wednesday, the 10th of October