National Caviar Day is a perfect occasion for you to give in to your fancy gastronomic desire: caviar. Caviar is a concocted salted roe fish. Ordinarily, people use the term caviar to mean fish eggs. Yet real caviar emerges from fish specie, sturgeon, which inhabits in fresh and salt North Temperature waters.

Caviar Day 2017

Caviar Day 2017 falls on a Tuesday, July 18th.

Caviar Day  is always celebrated on Thursday July 18th.

Caviar Day Origin

There was no credible evidence that contains caviar’s origin. Although there are no records to verify its ‘National’ title, this special day is widely celebrated among caviar lovers around the world.

Celebrate Caviar Day

Reputed to be a royalty’s viand, caviar was regularly enjoyed by the upperclassmen. It has been in existence since 16th century. Along the course of the  years, it produced its excellent kind, Russian caviar, the caviar’s most chased after type . Caviar also comes in red, black and other various colors. Black was its determined best, but it is also advisable to try its other colors.

Since caviar gives a salty sensation to the palate, it is only reasonable for it to be plain when tasted. Of course, since it’s Caviar Day, give your taste buds a bit of an adventure and see for yourself which you prefer most. To complete your celebration, pair your caviar dish with a glass of wine.

Happy Caviar Day!

Caviar Day 2018

Caviar Day 2018 falls on a Wednesday,  July 18.

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