For pizza lovers out there, National Cheese Pizza Day is definitely a date to anticipate for. Pizza is a generally favored food by people of all ages, thus everyone is encouraged to take part in this special day.

National Cheese Pizza Day 2017

National Cheese Pizza Day 2017 will take place on a Tuesday, September 5th.

National Cheese Pizza Day is always celebrated on the 5th of September every year.

National Cheese Pizza Day Origin

National Cheese Pizza Day’s sources are currently unknown. Cheese Pizza Day is normally celebrated at United States but its deliciousness is not limited to the Americans’ taste. Regardless of its origin, everyone can celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day.

Fast Pizza Facts

  1. Antica Pizzeria was the original pizzeria which opened in 1738 at Naples, Italy.
  2. According to the world record, a total of 14 pizzas under two minutes and thirty five seconds can be made by the world’s fastest pizza maker.
  3. The word “pizza” has Latin roots. Pizza originated from the word Picea, a word that means using a fire to darken a crust.
  4. Annually, five billion pizzas are purchased worldwide.
  5. The Greeks were the originators of pizza. The Greeks were fond of using large, round and flat breads and sprinkle toppings such as olive oil, vegetables and several more spices.
  6. Thin crust pizza remains to be the most favored pizza across the world. Although several type of pizzas were created throughout the years, 61 percent of the pizza eaters still prefer their pizza as thin crust.
  7. Cheese only came to the pizza’s picture until late 1880’s. Thanks to Italian pizza chef Raffaele Esposito who thought of adding cheese to pizza, we now have a tasty pizza experience. Esposito first added cheese to pizza for Queen Margherita.
  8. Approximately, in United States there are 69, 000 pizzerias.
  9. In 1987, the world’s largest pizza was made by Lorenzo Amato and Louis Piancone at Havana, Florida. This enormous pizza has a measurement of 10,000 square feet and 44, 457 pounds. The pizza was sliced into 94, 248 pieces and was eaten by the observers.
  10. Pizza eaters worldwide prefer to eat their pizza on a Saturday among any other days of the week.

Celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day

One of the easygoing ways to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day is definitely to feast on a cheese pizza. Yet a great meal will not be complete without the company of family and friends. On Cheese Pizza Day, don’t forget to enjoy your favorite pizza whether take out or dine in, with your loved ones.

Also, on National Cheese Day, why not take this opportunity to learn how to make a pizza?  It is a perfect and fun way to bond with your family and friends, with a plus experience of learning how to create and customize your favorite food. There are several pizza recipes available whether in cookbooks or online to guide you. A handmade pizza, especially if personally made with the company of others, will certainly not only be more pleasurable but also more delicious.

National Cheese Pizza Day 2018

National Cheese Pizza Day 2018 will occur on a Wednesday, September 5th.

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