Do you know that there’s a special day such as National Chess Day that we observe every year just for this particular board game? Whether you are an inexperienced player or somebody who usually competes in a championship level, this is something you got to look forward to.

When is National Chess Day 2017

National Chess Day is on Saturday, October 14.

National Chess Day is celebrated once a year, every 2nd Saturday of October.

National Chess Day Origin

As we all know, chess is a two-player board game of strategy played on a chessboard. Considering that it is famous around the world, even a 4-year old child can be able to play with it. It has already become part of the culture. Since it is a game that really challenges your intellectual skills, it also sharpens your mind because it thrust you to think ahead of certain scheme in order to capture a king before your opponent gets yours.

In giving an exceptional recognition to a game that engenders challenge, logical motivation, satisfaction, and delight for individuals of all ages, which somehow also caused families and friends to be bonded together, former President Gerald Ford proclaimed and designated National Chess Day in October 09, 1976. But before it happened, there were series of requests from other group concerned including the Regional Vice-president of United States Chess Federation-(The Origins of National Chess Day) who wrote a letter requesting about a proclamation of the said commemorative activity. He stated that roughly 30 million Americans are playing chess and that it wasn’t being recognized and honoured as a great game. It was then reviewed and later, accepted.  Since then, it is remembered every year, but has gradually faded away over the years because it wasn’t official.

For past several years, every second Saturday of October has been declared National Chess Day by the U.S. Congress. Based on the THOMAS. Gov (The Library of Congress) the agreed resolution was designating October 13, 2012 as National Chess Day which fell on a Saturday. Logically, the date that falls on a second Saturday this year is the 12th of October, which is considered official. According to Bill Summary & Status Search Results – THOMAS (Library of Congress) there are no resolutions on the 113th Congress that has been stated about National Chess Day. So it is inoffensive to go with this day.

Pushing the boat out in National Chess Day

Basically, in order to be a part of this national celebration, there are tournaments being held in most parts of the world that encourages people to go out and compete with other players. This may be your first time to join this competition, but don’t worry if you lose, at least you give it a try. But if you would prefer to stay in your comfort zone, here are some few things to push the boat out and enjoy this special day:

  1. It’s a perfect day to bond with your kids by playing chess with them. You may challenge them and have your prizes ready, so they’ll be motivated to play seriously.
  2. You may want to collect different kinds and designs of chess sets. You can start from the modern designs to the ancient ones. It will astonish you to see how these designs evolved through time.
  3. You may educate youngsters on how to play chess. It will build and develop intelligence and sharpness of mind in them.
  4. If you never tried to play chess, but you like to know how, you can have a research for tutorials in the web that will teach you the basics and the techniques.

National Chess Day 2018

National Chess Day will be on a 2nd Saturday, October 13.