National Cocoa Day 2017

Cocoa beans are used in various forms from many years. The cocoa trees are planted in many parts of the world, through which fine beans are extracted to make chocolate, cocoa powder and many other edible things. By using cocoa powder, one can make fine hot drinking chocolate and other sweet beverages. The National Cocoa Day is celebrated throughout the world with all zeal and zest. Everyone loves to be warmed up with a hot cup of delicious hot drinking cocoa in cold winter days.

When is National Cocoa Day 2017?

National Cocoa Day will be celebrated this year on Wednesday, 13th December.

National Cocoa Day is celebrated every year on the 13th of  December.

Origin of Cocoa:

Originally, the Swiss are the actual founders of hot chocolate who experimented by mixing a chocolate bar in hot boiling milk, which in return, became a chocolate beverage. All credit goes to the Dutch for inventing and introducing cocoa powder which is now used in several mouth watering treats and beverages. The Cocoa beans were thought to be very precious and were expensive as the cocoa trees used to grow in the South America. Cocoa treats are famous since 1527 and were very popular in Spain. It takes almost 600 cocoa beans to make about 2 pounds of delicious chocolate.

The first hot chocolate shop was opened in the year 1657, which resembles to today’s coffee shops. Hot drinking cocoa was sold there in a reasonable price. The idea of making solid foods out of cocoa, such as chocolate pudding, etc was introduced in the year 1674.

How to Celebrate the National Cocoa Day:

How about having a nice cup of hot cocoa with yummy marshmallows? That would definitely be a traditional twist to start your holiday. You can enjoy some cocoa beverages with your friends, neighbors, family and other people in your circle. Other delicious recipes of cocoa include classic cocoa beverage with whipped cream, lattes, etc. You may also switch to the savory side and make something spicy with meat and cocoa.

You can also make some other sweet dishes of cocoa other than beverages. Make some delicious chocolate cookies or cakes. Enjoy and celebrate the National Cocoa day by giving some cocoa treats to the little children. Invite your friends and have a nice cocoa treat party!

National Cocoa Day 2018

National Cocoa Day 2018 will be celebrated merrily on Thursday, the 13th of December.