National Dog Day or Dog Day is special day for the well-known man’s best friend: dog. Let us take the time to celebrate a dog’s loyalty and dependability.

National Dog Day 2017

National Dog Day 2017 is recognized on a Saturday, 26th of August.

National Dog Day is widely celebrated every year at August 26.

National Dog Day Origin

In 2004, pet expert Colleen Paige initiated the National Dog Day. When it was created, it had a target mission to save ten thousand dogs, a day at a time.  To give honor to dog’s sense of faithfulness and hard work, a day was especially dedicated for them. Dog Day serves as an inspiration to everyone to devote their attention to dogs and grant them a time of security and happiness.

Dog Facts

1) Among the mammals, dogs are the most varied looking. Observably, dogs vary from body shape up to their skulls. This sort of variation between one dog to another may have them easily mistaken as different species altogether.

2) Obedient dogs have longer life span. 56 dog breeds were carefully compared and studied which include their personalities, energy usage, life spans and growth rates. The study concluded that belligerent dogs’ needs are more demanding, and this includes energy. Thus, their lives are shorter compared to obedient dogs.

3) Puppy-dog eye effect. Ever notice that convincingly sad eyes dogs have when you scold them? Studies show it is only an effect of a reproof, not a sign of any guilt.

4) Dog nose prints are unique. Like human fingerprints, no two nose prints are the same. This uniqueness can be used as dog’s identification.

5) Dogs detect diseases. From cancer, diabetes or epilepsy, dogs have an uncanny way of discovering them. Studies suggest that regarding cancer patients, dogs have an impressive way of knowing through scents emanated by abnormal cells. Regarding diabetic patients, highly trained dogs can detect blood sugar high and low limit and can therefore warn the patient. Most interestingly, dogs have the strong sense of a person’s epileptic seizure 45 minutes before it happens. Theories show that it might come from the odd smell emanated or strange behavioral alterations.

Dog Day Celebrations

  1. If you have dogs, treat him with special care. Give him his favorite treats, or have some quality time with him. After all, it’s his day.
  2. Go to a dog shelter. Being in the dog shelter can give you wider perspective about a dog’s state. Be generous and donate any of the dog’s necessities like food or blankets.
  3. Organize a National Dog Day party. This is a great bonding both for your friends and their dogs.
  4. Take your dog out for a walk. Whether you go to a park, or an ordinary place, this sort of exercise could energize both you and your dog.
  5. Adopt a dog. Go to your nearest animal shelter and find a dog that suits you, and you can take care of.

National Dog Day 2018

National Dog Day 2018 will be celebrated on a Sunday, August 26.

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