National Dork Day 2017

National Dork Day or Dork day is one unique holiday.  This allows all people to celebrate their imperfections.  This day is a chance to go out and have fun without being ashamed of one’s own definition of “fun.” 

When is Dork Day 2017?

Dork Day is on Saturday, July 15th, 2017.

Dork Day is always celebrated on July 15th.

What will people do on Dork Day?

The day starts with people waking up and thinking about what “dorky” things to do on that day.  Be it in summer camp or in the office, Dork day is held with “no limits.”  Students can dress up in very mismatched clothing while in camp.  They can even invite the whole class to join.  Put food coloring in their meals and pretend that those are “disgusting” stuff.

Employees in the office can be at their silliest and maybe hold a contest on who has the most “dorky” language, the most embarrassing experience (but not embarrassed to tell the whole staff…and the managers.)  Or even transform the workplace into a “nut” place.

How did Dork Day start?

There hasn’t been any known or documented beginning of Dork day.  But whoever thought about having such an unusual holiday believed that releasing the inner “dork” will have good benefits.  Being a dork for a day will also let non-dorks appreciate dorky people more and will treat them as equals.  Knowing how dorks live their lives might give non-dorks some clues on how to help dorks fit in.

What is a dork?

According to the dictionary, a dork is a socially inept person or someone who doesn’t have social skills.  A dork is similar to an outcast.  And dorks are deemed to have “odd” interests.  The level of eccentricity is set by the “non-dorks.”  Usually, the people who are labeled as dorks are those people who are misunderstood.  These people have very special skills and talents.

The G-N-D community

The dorks are just another social group.  There are 2 others that have been classified by the non-dorks.  These are the Geeks: those who have unique hobbies and interests, and the Nerds: those whose intelligences exceed an entire class’ combined.  Sometimes these 3 kinds of people interact and they do get along.  And once they join forces, there will be entertainment, brain power or disaster.

Identity vs. Role Confusion

According to the psychologist Erik Erikson, the stage of teenagers and young adults is the phase of knowing one’s self or not knowing one’s self.  If people can remember their high school days, this was when the classifying of the G.N.D groups 1st happened.  The non-dorks, or the people who always went with the flow, or those who wanted to be popular, picked a number of people who they thought were different from them.  These people who were singled-out either just wanted to be themselves or the people who singled them out envied them for being who they are.  In one way or another, everyone has experienced being part of the G.N.D or being one of the non-dorks.

When is National Dork Day 2018?

Next year, National Dork Day will be on Sunday, July 15, 2018.  Wear your G.N.D pride!