A person normally chooses the colour of his or her clothes depending on the occasion or mood for the day.  Valentine Day had always been a red day while funerals are usually attended by people in black or white.  Rainbow colours, on the other hand, are preferred in attending parties.  How about when a person feels sad?  Blue would be just perfect, isn’t it?

When is the National Dress in Blue Day in 2018?

The National Dress in Blue Day is on March 2, 2018, a Friday.

The National Dress in Blue Day is always observed on the first Friday of March in the United States of America each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the National Dress in Blue Day:

This special event started in 2006 by Anita Mitchell, a stage 4 colon or colorectal cancer survivor.  The first observance was in 2009 as launched by the Colon Cancer Alliance, the leading colon cancer patient advocacy group created in 1999.  This group aims to promote public awareness on colon cancer and to provide support to the patients and their families.

The CCA’s vision is for people to live in a colon cancer free world.  The National Dress in Blue Day has a two-fold aim:  First, is to bring national attention to colon cancer through education; and, Secondly, to applaud the courage of those affected by colon cancer.  In the 20th century, colon cancer is the third most common cancer and the second cancer killer in the United States of America.

The National Dress in Blue Day celebration:

This event, also known as the “Going Blue” day, calls for all participants to wear blue clothes.  The CCA’s initiative seeks to involve as many people as possible.  So, seeing people in blue on this special day is a vivid proof of support.  Donations, in cash, kind or services, are highly encouraged on this day being a, technically speaking, fund raising event.

Organizing other fund generating activities is also welcomed.  All proceeds from the day’s events are allocated for financing programmes on prevention through regular screenings, cutting-edge research and provision of the highest quality patient support services.  Stores observe this day by donating proceeds, or a portion thereof, of the day’s sale on blue garments and accessories.

When is the National Dress in Blue Day in 2019?

The National Dress in Blue Day is on March 1, 2019, a Friday.