Wine is probably the symbol for almost any occasion.  History had recorded its first production in 6000 BC and had been featured in feasts.  Even the celebration of the Mass includes the drinking of the wine.  In wedding rituals, the wine drinking of the newly wed is always present.  The traditional toast with a glass of wine is also a salient part in debut, closing of business deals and other celebratory parties.

When is the National Drink Wine Day in 2018?

The National Drink Wine Day is on February 18, 2018, a Sunday.

The National Drink Wine Day is always celebrated on the 18th of February each year in the United States of America.

The Origin and Purpose of the National Drink Wine Day:

There is no formal recording of the inaugural National Drink Wine Day.  Historical chronicles disclosed though its practice since time in memorial.  As its celebration coincides with the President’s Day, it is a holiday.  The National Drink Wine Day is a day dedicated to spread the fondness of drinking wine, the good benefits it gives a person and salute its value in history, relationships and religion.

The National Drink Wine celebration:

Whether it is a red or white wine, this special day should not pass without being partaken.  It’s also a perfect excuse to visit a local winery or liquor store to purchase a bottle of preferred wine.  A virtual toast may also be sent to friends through Ecards creating more awareness of the day in the process.

Wine tasting parties with bottles of wine as giveaways for attendees would also be a nice way to celebrate the occasion.  Sharing food recipes with friends with wine as an ingredient would also be a creative way to spend the day.

When is the National Drink Wine Day in 2019?

National Drink Wine Day is on February 18, 2019, a Monday.

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