National Eggs Benedict Day is a day to commemorate Lemuel Benedict, a retired Wall Street stock broker’s discovery of a new dish with muffin and bacon with poached egg.

National Eggs Benedict Day 2017

National Eggs Benedict Day in 2017 will be observed on Sunday, April 16, 2017

All over the United States of America, National Eggs Benedict Day will take place every year on April 16th.

What is National Eggs Benedict Day about?

Who knew that halving an English muffin and topping it with ham or Canadian bacon and poached eggs and masking in creamy hollandaise sauce would be so delightful? Do you know what I am exactly talking about? It is Eggs Benedict, a breakfast dish, claimed by Lemuel Benedict to order it first at the Waldorf Hotel at one morning in 1894.

Eggs Benedict is so popular among Americans that they observe April 16th as National Eggs Benedict Day.

Disputes about the origin of National Eggs Benedict Day

Oscar Tschirky, chef of the Waldorf Hotel claimed that he learned the recipe of preparing Eggs Benedict from another cook Chef Ranhofer who had already published a recipe book in the year of 1894 named The Epicurean where the recipe of Eggs Benedict included. Chef Ranhofer cooked in Delmonico where Captain and Mrs. Le Grand Benedict were frequent diners.

The Benedict family suggested Chef Ranhofer to create a new recipe. Maybe, after The Benedict family the new recipe which Chef Ranhofer made was named. A third claim to the Eggs Benedict fame was discursively made by Edward P. Montgomery on behalf of Commodore E.C. Benedict. In 1967 Montgomery wrote a letter to then NY Times columnist Craig Claiborne and included a recipe he claimed to have received through his Uncle, a friend of the Commodore. Despite all these debate of the tenure of the recipe, the breakfast item known as Eggs Benedict is the most popular breakfast among the Americans.

Importance of National Eggs Benedict Day

National Eggs Benedict Day is an excuse to have a tasty treat! The mesmerizing look and mouth-watering taste have created a grand appeal among the Americans. The sensation has led Americans to observe National Eggs Benedict Day. You should not forget that Americans are very keen about keeping up the things which make them proud of. They observe National Eggs Benedict Day to rise up the value added to their national life.

National Eggs Benedict Day 2018

National Eggs Benedict Day 2018 will be held on Monday, April 16, 2018.

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