For thousands of years, the domesticated Feline has been revered.  The ancient Egyptians worshipped the cat.  In Japan, cats are symbols of good fortune.  Today, there are cats that don’t have homes anymore and roam the streets.  These are the feral cats and on National Feral Cat Day or Feral Cat Day, a program has been created to help these cats have better lives.

When is Feral Cat Day 2017?

Feral Cat Day 2017 is on Monday, October 16, 2017.

Feral Cat Day is celebrated every year on October 16.

How did Feral Cat Day begin?

The organization Alley Cat Allies created Feral Cat Day on their 10th anniversary.  Their aim was to promote healthcare and wellness of feral cats.  Since the United States has always been an advocate of animals’ rights, Feral Cat Day also celebrates the great number of Americans supporting their cause.

What will people do on Feral Cat Day?

Shelters and other people who are willing to make a difference by participating in Alley Cat Allies “Trap-Neuter-Release” (TNR) program gather on this day.  There are awareness campaigns about preventing unnecessary “putting down” of cats.  Letting both urban and rural communities know there is always a better and humane way of dealing with the feral cat population is the main objective of Feral Cat Day.

Feral Cat Population vs. the Human Population

Even if the cat was considered a deity in the olden times, it cannot be denied that there are other people who dislike cats.  These people consider cats filthy and they bring diseases.  These people also think that cat droppings just smell so bad.  But with the TNR program, cats would no longer be a “nuisance” for these people.

On the side, the TNR program can also target cat hoarders.  By allowing feral cats to be with their colonies, their interaction with humans will be lessened.  Competition in Cat survival especially with food will be lessened.  Feral cats will be protected.

When is Feral Cat Day 2018?

Feral Cat Day 2018 is on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.