Have you ever heard of the slogan, “Peace of Mouth?”  When is the mouth at peace?  Definitely not when a person has a toothache or a gum infection!

When is the National Flossing Day in 2017?

National Flossing Day is celebrated on November 24, 2017, a Friday.

National Flossing Day is always celebrated on a Friday after Thanksgiving Day each year.

The Origin of the National Flossing Day:

It is believed that flossing, the process of removing food debris stuck between the teeth that mere brushing cannot eradicate, started during the time of cavemen.  Tiny twigs were then used as floss.  In

1898, the first patented dental floss, made of thin silk threads, was produced by Johnson and Johnson.  It was invented by Dr. Levi Spear Parmly, a New Orleans dentist, during that time toothbrushes were quite expensive.  During the World War 2, Dr. Charles Bass recommended the use of nylon fibres instead of silk threads.

The creation of the National Flossing Day was the idea of the National Flossing Council.  The first celebration was in 2000 aimed to promote better dental health.

How was the National Flossing Day celebrated?

The American Dental Association highly recommends the use of dental floss at least once a day.  In coordination with the National Flossing Council and various businesses, the National Flossing Day is celebrated.

Food companies are encouraged to serve their meals with dental floss.  Dental Floss companies would give away floss in observance of this day.  Floss/Food Art Competitions are also held.  Electronic greeting cards were also made to entice people to join the celebration.  Currently, other creative ways to promote flossing is solicited by the National Flossing Council through their website.

When is the National Flossing Day in 2018?

National Flossing Day will be celebrated on November 23, 2018, a Friday.