Pretty sure no one would dare to say that he or she has done nothing wrong to anyone or have not been done wrong by anybody because everyone else has its flaws and imperfections. It’s just the way it is. We admit it that at some point in our life, one way or another, we know somebody who constantly offends us, or have offended us in the past. Today is day to release your forgiveness over them. After all, you might have also done the same way to some people who are dearest to you.

National Forgiveness Day 2017

National Forgiveness Day 2017 is on Saturday, 28 of October.

National Forgiveness Day is celebrated every Last Saturday of the month of October.

National Forgiveness Day Origin

National Forgiveness Day will celebrate its 8th annual observance this year. Some groups and organizations established and sponsor kinds of holiday in resemblance with this special day. Global Forgiveness Day is celebrated on August 27; Forgiveness Day is observed on June 26; International Forgiveness Day is held every First Sunday of August.

We can trace back its little history when USA and Canada had its first National Forgiveness Day proclaimed in 1994. Canada celebrates this day up to now and renamed it Global Forgiveness Day. While USA, after it died out after 3 years, it was reborn when the Centre of Unconditional Love held a rally on the last Saturday of October in 2006 in Ohio.

There’s no information that directly shows any proclamation of these holidays and how they are related with each other; how it began, though the reason behind it is very explicit. These holidays may have different dates but one thing is apparently profound. It clearly offers a very impeccable opportunity for every single individual to give chance to relationships that has been torn apart because of conflicts and misunderstandings and go through the process of restoration and wholeness. Having said that, is it not right to rather take advantage of this day regardless of when it is to be properly celebrated? I may say it’s not the date, but the thought that counts.

Nothing to Lose this National Forgiveness Day

Since this is a day set aside for celebration of unconditional love, a kind of love that keeps no records of wrong done to a person, does not display itself haughtily, never expects something in return, and the kind of love which God bestowed upon His most wonderful creation, mankind; let’s make the most out of it. It may be easier to say than to execute but really you are doing a great act of kindness for yourself if you try to release forgiveness over a person. It may be costly and sacrificial, but you got nothing to lose, except for your pride.

By so doing, you are also delivering yourself from a deeper damage in your moral, social, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition that you might experience in the future. Forgiveness will cause you to attain:

  • A healthier physical body- According to medical studies and research, forgiveness causes incredible health outcomes such as lowering the chances of Hypertension, various Cancers, Heart and Kidney problems, Stroke, Immune System disorder and all other life-threatening diseases.
  • Stronger relationships- Holding on to the past hurts and other baggage will greatly affect how you deal with your relationship to people. In forgiving, you will be free from hostility, bitterness, despair, fretfulness, anxiety, anger, stress, guilt, condemnation, becoming negative and critical and isolation from people. You will be spared from a greater damage in the future.
  • Liberty of your soul- Releasing forgiveness will cause you to experience such liberty that is incomparable to any value of money. Nobody can buy such freedom from a hurtful situation. But through a genuine love and acceptance, you are opening your door for a happier and well satisfied life, with full understanding that you got to live your life to the fullest every day.

Forgiveness is a choice that you will do every single day and a dose to a healthy lifestyle and longevity of a lifespan on earth.

Ways to celebrate National Forgiveness Day

  1. Forgive your offender. You don’t have to wait for someone to say “Sorry”. Decide to forgive and let them know that they’re forgiven.
  2. Spread the news about this special day. Encourage them to do the same thing.
  3. Share the benefits you can achieve from forgiveness.
  4. Prepare a peace offering cake for a long time friend you have offended.

National Forgiveness Day 2018

National Forgiveness Day will take place on 27 of October.