A day is considered fun when there is much laughter and time to reminisce with friends or family the good old days.  Looking at old pictures and videos is a touching way to travel back in time.  In today’s materialistic and success-driven world, rarely are the moments when one can take the time to have fun.  But fun, just like happiness, is a subjective matter.  Go, then, and have fun!

When is the National Fun Day in 2017?

The National Fun Day is on April 1, 2017, a Saturday.

The National Fun Day is always observed, in the United States of America, on the first day of April each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the National Fun Day:

There is no official record as to the creator, history or origin of this special day.  Its purpose though is simply to have fun.  The date coincides with the April Fools’ Day and its celebration can be quite synonymous.

It can be safely deduced then that this day was created for the sole purpose of reminding people of their freedom to choice to have fun, at least, a day in a year.  Celebrating this day provides working people a relief from their daily humdrum and allows them to enjoy the fruits of their hard labour.

The National Fun Day celebration:

In the United States of America, business organizations and civic groups hold activities for families or friends to enjoy the day.  Frequently, events include tours and nature activities at reservation areas, lake or beach resorts and other recreational places.  This day is also dedicated to created closer bonding ties among family members or friends.

Usual pursuits include scavenger hunts, putting on tattoos and campfires with hotdogs and marshmallows.  Planned group hikes are also organized on this day in areas possible for safe animal encounters.  Bird watching and nature crafts are also among the list of leisure interests.  Fishing trips followed by a barbeque party is also best for this day.

When is the National Fun Day in 2018?

The National Fun Day is on April 1, 2018, a Sunday.