National Girlfriends Day 2017

National Girlfriends’ Day or Girlfriends’ Day is a day to celebrate friendship.  This day marks the importance of connecting with friends and showing them how much they have made lives better.  This day is also a chance to bond and have a good time with friends.

When is Girlfriends’ Day 2017?

Girlfriends’ day will be on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017.

What will people do on Girlfriends’ Day?

The parties or outings for this day may be planned or unplanned.  The planned get-together starts with calling girlfriends up weeks or months before (in cases of friends out of state or friends who are traveling) and plan a meeting at a café, restaurant, mall, beach or another girlfriend’s home.  The event always comprises of conversations such as “trips down memory lane”, “how are you”, “what are you up to”, eating, “when will we see each other again’s” and the like.  Unplanned get-togethers are usually unexpected phone calls from girlfriends and meeting at a random time.

If girlfriends cannot be physically present because they are living overseas, having an “online” get together is still fine.  This can be thru a video call or chat or simple messages exchanged thru social networking sites like Facebook.  This day can also be made extra special if friends who have not seen each other for so many years communicate again.  For those girlfriends who have passed away, this celebration can be made more meaningful by remembering the happy times they have spent with other girlfriends while they were still around.  The celebration may last for the whole day or however the friends want to celebrate it.

How did Girlfriends Day start?

The origin of Girlfriends’ day is unknown.  But giving time for girlfriends who have been there for a short or long time is a good way to strengthen ties.  Having friends is very important for the growth and development of a personality.  These people are the ones who have been giving support when things go wrong.  These people remind other people that no one is alone.  If a person has problems and thinks that there is no solution, the “bff” will be there to help.

Who is the BFF?

The term “BFF” or “Best Friends Forever” has been popular since the 80’s.  This refers to friends from way back; be it high school or college.  A bff can also be from the workplace; a colleague who has been there for some time and is someone who can be trusted with secrets and is there when problems happen.  If there is a falling out between bff’s and they reconcile, they’re still considered bff’s.  But if the falling out continues resulting to losing contact without reconciling, that person cannot be considered a bff.  After all, the word “forever” means that no matter what happens the friendship is permanent.

Does this day exclude guys?

Since this is “girlfriends” day, men can still celebrate this day by giving time for their girlfriends or sweethearts.  This girl may be a best friend or fiancée.  A man spending time with a woman on a date can happen anytime or even on Valentine’s Day.  A guy hanging out with a female best friend and telling her how much their friendship made him happy can also happen on this day.  But to all the gentlemen and their male buddies: “You don’t need to worry. You will also have a day to celebrate your friendship.”

Girlfriends’ day can be any day

I’ve had a personal chance to spend time with my bff’s from high school.  It was around 2007 when unexpectedly, I got a phone call from one of them and they told me there was a get together.  This was like 5 years after we graduated from high school.  We had gatherings in the past but I considered this very grand because 15 out of 17 bff’s were there.   It was the most successful, unplanned gathering we had.  We just put together funds for food and spent the whole night talking about college and plans after college.  And it wasn’t even on an August 1. It was great.

Celebrate Girlfriend’s day 2018

Girlfriends’ day next year will be on Wednesday, August 1st, 2018.  What better way to celebrate this day than to go out with friends and have a good time on a weekend?

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