Very few people are aware that there is no such word as “Irregardless.”  I, myself, had been corrected when I started sentences with “However.”  And how often had you heard people replying “I’m good” when asked how they are?  These are examples of grammatical errors that some people innocently commit giving way for others to bully them.  Truly, we need to brush up on our grammar yearly!

When is the National Grammar Day in 2018?

The National Grammar Day is on March 4, 2018, a Sunday.

The National Grammar Day is always observed in the United States of America every 4th day of March annually.

The Origin and Purpose of the National Grammar Day:

This American holiday was first observed in March 4, 2008 as established by Martha Brockenbrough, the founder of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar.  The date of celebration was taken from its song, “March Forth!”  This day honours the American English language, and its rules, which provides clear communication among citizens of the country.

The National Grammar Day pays tribute to the syntax that result to perfect interaction among the people which is a critical element of peaceful associations.  Hence, it is the day of gratitude for the English grammar to have survived history, for speaking and writing well, and being generally grammar conscious.

The National Grammar Day celebration:

In the past, this day was celebrated reviewing grammatical errors and laughing at them.  It became the perfect excuse for bullies to humiliate others.  Thus, the words of a famous linguist and lexicographer, Ben Zimmer, transformed the celebration:

“Use the National Grammar Day as an opportunity to think about what grammar actually is and to be open to differing opinions about grammatical propriety…Instead, embrace the living grammar of English in all its varieties.”

The National Grammar Day Activities:

The evolution of this holiday encourages firm resolutions to be vigilant of common grammatical errors committed.  It is the day for pointing out what have been done well through participating in Haiku writing contests, literary speaking matches and article writing competitions.

Using grammar wallpaper as a cover photo in Facebook assists in spreading awareness of the event.  Wearing or giving gifts of fun language-themed shirts are also ways of celebrating the occasion.  And in the evening, toasting with a homemade Grammartini with friends would be a perfect way to culminate day.

When is the National Grammar Day in 2019?

The National Grammar Day is on March 4, 2019, a Monday.