Are you one of those people who don’t seem to have enough time to get everything done? Do you have unending activities every day? Are you yearning a break from your busy lifestyle? Perhaps, you need some time alone, away from tiring responsibilities. This National Hermit Day, it is your chance to get out of the busy crowd and have some peaceful time alone.

National Hermit Day 2017

National Hermit Day 2017 will be on a Sunday, October 29, 2017.

National Hermit Day is always celebrated on the 29th of October.

National Hermit Day Origin

A hermit is someone who retires from society and lives in solitude. The hermit concept usually has religious connotations. Many religious men and women in the past withdraw from society to worship privately and uninterrupted. They stayed in small huts in the woods, in caves, and mountains.

In modern times, a hermit is anyone who lives away from the society and does not participate in social activities. The reason may be religious, fear of crowds or for peace and quiet.

National Hermit Day Observance

For those who are Hermits already, it is time to relax and enjoy because your lifestyle is already accepted. If you are one of the busy people who want to take a break from a hectic lifestyle, be a Hermit today. You can stay inside or go somewhere where you can be alone. Turn off the phone and avoid any contact for a day. Here are some ways to celebrate being a Hermit:

1)      Read a good book while sitting or having a warm bath.

2)      If you need rest, take a nap.

3)      Write about memories you cherish. You can also write poems and stories.

4)      Draw or paint. It does not matter if you’re not good at it as long as you enjoy.

5)      Enjoy baking your favorite cookies.

6)      Spend time with your pets.

7)      Reflect on your life. Bring back memories from the past, think about your choices now and plan for the future.

Whatever you want to do on this day, make sure you are alone. Having some quality time alone can be beneficial. It relaxes your mind, sharpens memory, brings new ideas, recharges your body and gives time to meditate on your life.

National Hermit Day 2018

National Hermit Day 2018 will occur on a Monday, October 29.