It’s normal for a person to dream and wish to live a life so different from reality.  The internet provides this chance to dream through online communities like social networking sites or virtual worlds of gaming.  This, however, should be given due parental guidance as this may lead to the “resident” or user to opt to live in a virtual world.  This will result to psychological or behavioural problems later on for the resident.

When is the National Hippo Day in 2018?

The National Hippo Day is on February 15, 2018, a Thursday.

The National Hippo Day is celebrated annually by all residents of Second Life on the 15th of February each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the National Hippo Day:

The National Hippo Day is an online bizarre holiday as agreed by the majority of the residents of the Second Life.  Hippo, found in Hikaru Yamamoto’s zoo, belongs to the biggest community where he is a hero against the gnomes.  Hippo is a virtual character started by Darwin Appleby’s thread on the Second Life forums.

Second Life is a free 3D virtual world where online members can mingle, interact and create using free voice and text chat.  This online cybernetic world was developed by Linden Lab and launched in Jue23, 2003.  Its unofficial mascot is the Hippo.

The National Hippo Day celebration:

The simplest way to celebrate this day is to log on to Second Life and play with the Hippo.  Contributing to the Second Life forums on the event can also be done.  Hosting an online party is another way to celebrate the day.  This occasion may also be featured at Facebook to increase awareness of this happening.

When is the National Hippo Day in 2019?

National Hippo Day is on February 15, 2019, a Friday.

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