Do you like to taste homebrewed beer? Then you can join thousand of home brewers who come together to celebrate the national homebrew day.  The national homebrew day is celebrated to honor thousand of home brewer in the United State.

When is the national homebrew day 2017?

National homebrew day will be celebrated on May 6, Saturday 2017.

National homebrew day is celebrated first Saturday in May every year.

Origin of the national homebrew day

Saturday 7, May 1988, was proclaimed before the US Congress as the national homebrew day to honor homebrew community. Since then Nations Homebrews Association of the United States has been making arrangement to celebrate it on the first Saturday of May every year.

Calibration of national homebrew day

National homebrew day calibration organized by the National Homebrews Association provide an opportunity for about 3500 home brewers in America to get together and share their brewing experience.

National homebrew day is celebrated in many different ways: Local clubs that join hand with the national homebrew day calibration organize many events to celebrate it.  They organize sport event such as keg tossing and arm wrestling to make the event memorable for their guest. Those who come to celebrate the national homebrews day get an opportunity to BBQ and taste the best homemade brews at a reasonable price. It is a time for calibration and fun.

Homebrews register their site with the National Home Brewers Association, which coordinates the event. This helps them to see how many home brewers participate in the big event. National Homebrewed associating arranges several competitions to celebrate the national homebrew day. The aim of the completion is to recognize the home brewers who introduce unique homebrew recipe.

When is the national homebrew day 2018?

National homebrew day 2018 will be celebrated on May 5, Saturday 2018.