Honesty is one of the most difficult to practice with perfection.  There are so many occasions in one’s life that a person would be forced to lie. The reasons can be endless for one to tell a white lie.  It is, however, a known fact that one can lie to everyone except to one’s self.  And when this happens, a bitter aftertaste is experienced.  It is indeed a gift to have one day, even just a day in a year, when one is reminded of the virtue of honesty.

When is the National Honesty Day in 2017?

The National Honesty Day is on April 30, 2017 a Sunday.

The National Honesty Day is always observed in the United States of America on the thirtieth day of April each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the National Honesty Day:

The National Honesty Day was founded in the United States of America by a former press secretary of the governor of Maryland, M. Hirsh Goldberg.  Ironically, he also wrote and published a book on lies in 1990.  The date was chosen as an apt ending for a month which starts with pranks and foolishness. This day for telling the truth is in remembrance of the honesty of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.  This day promotes truthfulness and the day to remind politicians to be honest in their national dealings and stop making false promises to their constituents.  It implores business organizations to refrain from advert manipulation and abuse.

The National Honesty Day Observance:

On the personal level, this day is best for doing self-evaluation on the grounds of honesty.  It is that big day when one looks at himself straight in the eyes on the mirror and be honest to one’s own self.  Putting extra effort to be truthful to others, no matter what the consequence may be, is another way to observe the day.

National Honesty Day trivia:

Studies disclosed that men tend to lie more than women.  A Gallup poll result disclosed that nurses are the most truthful of all professions.  On the other hand, the greatest liars are people engaged in sales, politicians and lobbyists. The same holiday is also observed in Italy on the Sunday before Christmas.  In Canada, National Honesty Day is concelebrated with the April Fools’ Day on the first day of April.

When is the National Honesty Day in 2018?

The National Honesty Day is on April 30, 2018, a Monday.

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