Unknowingly, every individual makes an innovative decision on a daily basis.  This is true as rarely is there a day when problem does not surface which requires a solution or a pre-emptive move.  However, as a person age, his priorities lure him away from this creative mental process.  Thus, a special day dedicated to innovation will surely do much wonder.

When is the National Innovation Day in 2018?

The National Innovation Day is on February 16, 2018, a Friday.

The National Innovation Day is observed annually in the United States of America on the 16th day of February each year.

Origin and Purpose of the National Innovation Day:

There is no record as to the origin and history of the National Innovation Day.  Though it is listed under fun holidays, Innovation Days are observed in various dates within a year depending on a specified industry.  Foundations have also been created worldwide supporting innovation in any form.

The National Innovation Day was created to encourage children to be creative and innovative.  History lists that many inventions were made by children, such as popsicles and ear muffs.  Unfortunately, recent records show the decrease in inventions made by children.

The National Innovation Day observance:

Innovation is defined as the application of improved solutions that address new needs, inarticulate requirements or existing market demands.  It occurs when a solution is proposed upon spotting a problem.  Simply speaking, innovation is imagining new and better ways of doing things.

To observe this special day, hosting a contest for kids would be most appreciate.  Through available materials, kids may be asked to create something or come up with an improved item which can increase efficiency of a product.  Another way is to encourage children to join local activities which inspires and promotes confidence to invent.

When is the National Innovation Day in 2019?

The National Innovation Day is on February 16, 2019, a Saturday.