National Lazy Day is a designated day for you to break free from any work, chore or errand related activities. It is a time to allow your body to sit back and your mind to unwind. To those who are overwhelmed with tasks, this day is ideal for you.

National Lazy Day 2017

Annually at August 10, National Lazy Day is celebrated. This year, it falls on a Thursday.

National Lazy Day Origin

No National Lazy Day archives can be found. Records about National Lazy Day’s origin were unavailable for search. Still with its unavailable records, National Lazy Day is a rare day where everyone is encouraged to be lazy. Make sure not to be too lazy to join!

National Lazy Day Activities

While it may seem odd to do activities on a Lazy Day, the day is best enjoyed if it is somehow planned. After all, you cannot absolutely cherish an utterly nothing moment, can you?

When you are stressed, what are your go-to activities? Do activities like donning your favorite comfy clothes, listening to music or reading a fun material make you feel all relaxed? Then by all means, revisit such activities. Before you know it, as the day ends, you will feel all rejuvenated.

National Lazy Day 2018

Next year on August 10, National Lazy Day falls on a Friday.

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