National Mushroom Day is not simply a day for the mushroom enthusiasts, it is a day of appreciation for mushrooms. Do you know that mushrooms have several varieties? Do you know how to cultivate each variety? Today is the perfect day to learn these.

National Mushroom Day 2017

National Mushroom Day 2017 will be celebrated on a Sunday, October 15th.

National Mushroom Day is always celebrated every year on October 15.

National Mushroom Day Origin

Although National Mushroom Day has no retrievable records, it is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about mushrooms and participate on this special day.

Mushroom Facts

One way to appreciate the value of something is to learn more about it. What better way to see the importance of mushroom than to know some interesting facts about it?

Do you know that…

  1. Content-wise, mushrooms are low in calories and sodium? When added to heavy meals, they give just the right amount taste without any unwanted contents.
  2. Mushrooms are cholesterol-free? Combining them with anything that is fat-laden is an exception.
  3. Mushrooms contain Vitamin D, potassium and antioxidant minerals?
  4. Based on the Egyptian’s hieroglyphics 4,600 years ago, the Egyptians believed that mushrooms are the plant of immortality?
  5. Mushrooms contain vitamin B. This vitamin gives energy by disintegrating protein fats and carbohydrates.

Celebrate National Mushroom Day

Evidently, mushrooms are everywhere, that is to say, accessible. This convenience will certainly make your National Mushroom Day more attainable to celebrate.

  1. Get to know its varieties. Edible mushrooms have 9 varieties. Namely:  white button, crimini, wild mushroom, maitake, beech, portabella, shiitake, enoki and oyster.
  2. Learn how to select, store and care for them. When you understand how to do these procedures, you will be assured of its deliciousness.
  3. Understand its history and development.
  4. Gain knowledge about how to grow them.
  5. Learn a mushroom recipe. What better way to participate in National Mushroom Day than to surprise yourself as well as your loved ones with a mushroom recipe?

National Mushroom Day 2018

National Mushroom Day 2018 will be celebrated on a Monday, October 15th.