Dogs have been known as man’s best friend.  This is proven by the well-publicized true story of Hatchiko, a dog which showed loyalty till the end of his days.  A statue of him now stands in a park to remind everyone of the dog’s loyalty to his master.

When is the National Mutt Day 2017?

In 2017, National Mutt Day is on December 2, a Saturday.

National Mutt Day is always celebrated on December 2 of each year.

The origin of the National Mutt Day:

Collean Page, a celebrity pet and animal welfare expert, created the National Mutt Day in 2005.  It is a day when we show appreciation for the mixed breed dogs commonly called mutt.  Statistical data showed that mixed breed dogs are the largest number of dogs euthanized in animal shelters.

Contrary to the common belief that dogs with pedigree are better than the mutts, it had been found out that mutts or mongrels are healthier, more behaved, live longer and good at performing specialized duties, such as, guiding the blind, and sniffing bombs and drugs.

How the National Mutt Day is observed:

The National Mutt Day is one of those National Awareness Days.  It aims to educate the people, promote adoption of mutts and increase awareness of the plight of mutts in the shelters all over the United States of America.

A mutt is a dog of no identifiable breed which is the result of continuous mix breeding.  But just like the pedigreed dogs, they, too, need love and care.

Observing the National Mutt Day may be done in various ways, such as:

  • Adopting a mutt from your local animal shelter;
  • Taking your pet dog to a park or beach to play Frisbee;
  • Donate to dog shelters;
  • Taking a dog for a walk;
  • Do volunteer services to a dog shelter;
  • Organize fund raising campaigns for animal shelters, such as dog photo contests or dog shows;
  • Contribute write-ups on dog stories; or
  • Bringing dog food or toys to a shelter.

Mutt Day:

Mutt Day is celebrated every 31st of July each year in Canada and the United States of America.  The origin of this day remains a mystery.

It is celebrated exactly the same way as the National Mutt Day.  It is presumed that, due to the increasing number of mutts, it is but right to spend two days each year to improve the situation of the mongrels in the animal shelters.

National Mutt Day in 2018

In 2018, the National Mutt Day will be observed on December 2, a Sunday.