Rural areas had been well known for their laid back lifestyle.  In countries located near the equator, their culture includes sleeping in the afternoon.  This is called “siesta” in the Philippines and attributed to the Spanish influence.  Because of this practice, people are called lazy and happy-go-lucky, yet live longer lives than their urban counterparts.  Has napping something to do with this?

When is the National Napping Day in 2018?

National Napping Day is on March 12, 2018, a Monday.

National Napping Day is always observed in the United States of America on the 1st Monday after Daylight Saving Time begins annually.

The Origin and Purpose of the National Napping Day:

The inaugural observance of the National Napping Day was in 1999 as instigated by the Nap Master General, William “Bill” Anthony and his wife, Camille.  The date of its observance was chosen as it had been found that people were sleep-deprived at this time due to adjustments in time brought about by the coming of spring.

The Observance of the National Napping Day:

This day is perfect for snoozing and helping the body clock adjust to changes in time.  It is also a good time to help create awareness of the health and productivity benefits of nappingA nap can last for twenty minutes till two hours depending on how starved a person is of sleep.  Certain companies provide napping quarters to their employees as proof of support.

The Benefits of Napping:

It had been found that napping decreases death risk level rising from heart related problems but increases the risk of acquiring Type 2 Diabetes.  The latter was the finding in a study conducted in the United Kingdom in 2009.

It has also been found to be make bones stronger, a protection against obesity and improves memory retention.  A study in 2008 on fMRI scans disclosed that napping perks up alertness.  On the other hand, a 2010 study in Australia disclosed that it can take away mental fatigue.

When is the National Napping Day in 2019?

The National Napping Day is on March 11, 2019, a Monday.