All hail the Newsboys and newsgirls!  This is your day! National Newspaper Carrier Day or Newspaper Carrier Day honors those dedicated men and women who are on the newspaper delivery force.  They risk their lives and limbs every day, making sure the morning papers reach all people’s tables.  Without them, those without time to get newspapers will be at a loss on current events.

When is Newspaper Carrier Day 2017?

Newspaper Carrier Day 2017 is on Monday, September 4th.

Newspaper Carrier Day is celebrated once a year on September 4th.

How did Newspaper Carrier Day begin?

The creator of Newspaper Carrier Day is unknown but on September 4, 1833, the first Newspaper boy in the United States named Barney Flaherty was hired on that day.  During his time, newspapers were typically thrown on the yard or doorstep of a house when these are delivered.  The newspaper boys usually rode bicycles when making deliveries.  And sometimes the newsboys were as young as 10 years old. 

What will people do on Newspaper Carrier Day?

Today, newspaper carriers don’t have very tedious tasks unlike the 19th century. They can already place the newspapers in mail or letter boxes. But they still have the same responsibilities to wake up very early in the morning to deliver newspapers on time.

So on Newspaper Carrier Day, people give tokens of appreciation for their local newspaper delivery people.  Some people can also try working as a newspaper boy or girl and experience the kind of work they do.  Or they watch movies about newspaper delivery people.

And they should remember without the newsboy they would have to spend time buying newspapers in newsstands, experience the inconvenience of lining up, even waiting too long only to find out all the newspapers are sold out.

The Work of a Newspaper Carrier

Their work may look easy; easy enough that some newspaper companies in the past used hire children to deliver newspapers.  But now with the existence of Child Labor Laws, teenagers looking for part-time work or just something to do during the summer are the ones applying for the job.  But there are also adults who do newspaper deliveries.

Their day starts around dawn, going to the office then getting their load of newspapers.  They are given a number addresses to deliver papers in.  Then they start going around.  Their work requires organizational skills, knowledge in geography of the area they are working at and presence of mind in case of danger.

Muggers and dogs who like to run after vehicles are the common threats of their safety.  There is also the terrain of the place they are making their deliveries; it might be a rural area with very few people, no phone signals, or a very steep hill.  They also have the weather to think about.  Because rain, shine or snow, they have to do their job.

When is Newspaper Carrier Day 2018?

Newspaper Carrier Day 2018 is on Tuesday, September 4th.

Even if Newspaper Carrier Day is not a no-work holiday for newspaper carriers, they can still enjoy this day.  Those people around them have the responsibility of making them feel good about their work and make them feel as a very important part of society; as important as the headlines they deliver.

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