When you hear the word pasta, do pictures of pasta delights such as spaghetti, lasagna, or linguini come to mind? On National Pasta Day, feast your belly with these heavenly dishes. If you still find some pasta variety unfamiliar, National Pasta Day is an opportune time for you to get to know and have a taste of them.

National Pasta Day 2017

National Pasta Day 2017 will happen on a Tuesday, October 17th.

National Pasta Day is celebrated every year on October 17th.

National Pasta Day Origin

Ordinarily, pasta is believed to be practically equivalent in connotation with Italy. However, theories indicate that Marco Polo, who came from China at that time, brought with him a delicacy from China: noodles. Other theories indicate that Polo did not introduce pasta to Italy as it has already been consumed by native Italians long before Polo arrived. Whatever its origin, it is currently unknown as to who initiated National Pasta Day. One thing’s certain: this day encourages everyone to enjoy themselves with pasta in moderation.

Some Pasta Facts for You

  1. Majority of pasta is made of wheat flour while high quality pasta is made from durum wheat.
  2. Italians consume more pasta than anyone else in the world.
  3. Pasta can also come in many colors depending on its sauce. Squid ink, spinach, saffron and tomatoes can influence the pasta’s colors.
  4. Pasta originated from an Italian word paste.
  5. In 1848, a Frenchman founded the first commercial pasta plan in Brooklyn, New York.
  6. In 1789, after serving as an ambassador to France, Thomas Jefferson came back to America with a pasta making machine. Eventually, in 1848 pasta was commercially introduced to U.S and became popular in the 19th century.
  7. As early as 3,000 B.C., the Chinese were already consuming noodles. These noodles are descriptively long, flat and made of wheat, corn, rice or peas.

Make it your Best Pasta Day!

Indeed, pasta comes in many sorts. We might be already familiar with lasagna or spaghetti but how about the other pasta sorts? National Pasta Day encourages your tongue to have a taste with the other variety too and your hands to have a try of making them for your family and loved ones.

The internet is satiated with many ways to cook and bake pasta like linguine, fettuccine, tortellini and many others. What better way to celebrate National Pasta Day than to give of yourself either by making a pasta delicacy or buying one with the intention of enjoying it with others? So on this day, don’t forget to share a sumptuous pasta meal with your family, relatives or friends.

National Pasta Day 2018

National Pasta Day 2018 will happen on a Wednesday, October 17th.

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