Much like the delicious almonds, pecan has been a very popular for as long as people can remember. There are many fans of pecan pie, turtle pie and all sorts of treats with pecans in them. Pecans are healthy and very useful not just in pastries but in many other dishes. National Pecan Day celebrates the goodness of pecans to human life.

National Pecan Day 2017 

National Pecan Day 2017 happens on Friday, April 14.

National Pecan Day is celebrated every 14th of April.

National Pecan Day Origin

National Pecan Day was first celebrated in the United States in the year 1996. It was the National Pecan Shellers Association who came up with the idea of celebrating National Pecan Day.

National Pecan Day Celebration

  • The simplest way to celebrate National Pecan Day is to grab a handful of pecans and munch on them as a snack or part of a trail mix.
  • Different countries celebrate National Pecan Day in various ways. Some areas have pecan eating contests, others have pecan cook-offs and others even have pecan related parties.
  • If you supply pecans in your local community, give a special National Pecan Day discount for more people to enjoy them.
  • Try new recipes that have pecans in them. There are many that can be found on the internet or in pecan lovers forum.

National Pecan Day Facts

  • Pecan is known as a nut but it is really a drupe or a fruit with a single pit and surrounded by a husk.
  • Pecans are celebrated not just because of its great taste and many uses in cooking and baking but its health benefits as well. Pecans are great sources of protein and omega 6 fatty acids.
  • Pecan is a word of the Native American origin which means “requires a stone to crack”.
  • There are other special days related to the National Pecan Day such as Pecan Pie Day celebrated on July 12, Chocolate Pecan Pie Day celebrated on August 20 and Pecan Torte Day celebrated on August 22.
  • Pecan has long been used as early as the 16th century.

National Pecan Day 2018

National Pecan Day 2018 will be Saturday, April 14.