In developing countries, medical check-ups are a luxury.  To deal with this need, poor people often go straight to pharmaceutical stores and request the pharmacist on duty to give them generic medicines for their ailment.  Though this practice isn’t good, this is the only way poverty-stricken people go about their medical needs.

When is the National Pharmacist Day in 2017?

The National Pharmacist Day is on January 12, 2017, a Thursday. Be aware that world pharmacist day is on September, 2017.

The National Pharmacist Day is observed annually every 12th day of January.

Purpose and Origin of the National Pharmacist Day:

The National Pharmacist Day’s origin can be attributed to many groups who seek to recognize the important role of this professional to the medical world.  The first pharmacy school was established in 1821 at Philadelphia, USA.  Pharmacy originated from the Greek word “Pharmaleon.”

Pharmacist became a separate profession from medicine in June 30, 1852.  This is when the Pharmacy Act was promulgated establishing the Register of Pharmaceutical Chemists in Great Britain restrict to those who have taken the examination given by the country’s regulating board.

National Pharmacist Day celebration:

As this isn’t a holiday, it can be observed in simple ways which can bring a smile to the professionals’ face.  A simple greeting and a “Thank You” for the pharmacist’s patience and attention will do.  Anything that can boost their morale is welcome.  Even a simple posting on social media sites, such as the Facebook, will do.

Various groups encourage pharmacy managers and owners to observe this day by giving tokens of appreciation to their pharmacist.  This can consist of gift checks, flowers, tag holders, mugs, pens or memo pads.  Partnering with pharmaceutical companies, managers may organize training programs to further hone the skills of their pharmacists.

World Pharmacist Day:

Spearheaded by the International Pharmaceutical Federation, September 25 of each year marks the World Pharmacist Day.  This is a day for the world to be reminded of the value of the work of pharmacists to the world.  After all, a pharmacist is required to be knowledgeable of the chemistry of all medicines, required dosages, drug’s side effects and interaction with other medications.

When is the National Pharmacist Day in 2018?

The National Pharmacist Day is on January 12, 2018, a Friday.

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