Giving and charity has become a natural impulse of a person who is much aware of what is the recurrent situation of his or her environment. Most People in the major parts of the world are getting involved in Philanthropic services and volunteerism. National Philanthropy Day is the day to give credit to them.

When is National Philanthropy Day 2017

National Philanthropy Day will be on Wednesday, November 15.

National Philanthropy Day is always observed on the 15th of November.

National Philanthropy Day Origin

National Philanthropy Day is a national holiday established and founded to give honour and acknowledge the steadfast and unwavering influence that generosity and philanthropic service has done in the lives of the people, communities and the world itself.

National Philanthropy Day was founded and originated by the Association of the Fundraising Professionals and held its first ever National Philanthropy Day in November 15, 1986. This event is usually celebrated in some local communities with a luncheon with which the annual winners in the outstanding categories are awarded and recognized.

In the 5th of November 2012, Canada was officially recognized by the Parliament to be the first country in the world that honours the charity work and institutions, donors, volunteers, foundations, and organizations by constantly celebrating November 15 as its official holiday for philanthropy.

Motivating Ways to Celebrate National Philanthropy Day

Great and well-known philanthropist became a huge part of history because of their plenty and numerous monetary contributions. Many of them are doing so in such a manner that they are not looking after the recognition. They simply did it out of their kindness and benevolence towards those in need.

These people believe that giving and generosity is always an attitude of one’s heart and not dependent in any circumstances whether they’re in abundance or in lack.

We particularly know “philanthropy” as monetary contributions but voluntary efforts, and giving of time and other physical possession is also considered as part of philanthropic services.

Every one of us has the capacity to extend our hands and give something to others who profusely need help and assistance. It doesn’t matter if our resources are inadequate as long as we do it without hypocrisy and with a pure heart expecting nothing in return.

In honour of National Philanthropy Day and the untiring labours of all those who donate and partake, let us cheer up every entity in our community to go beyond our ability to give and help wherever we can and in whatever capacity we have. A random act of kindness is wonderful in flourishing times, but even more so during the recession period. Isn’t it great that non-profit organizations and foundations are rising up to take a stand and do what they think they should do?

In this manner, we can have our own way to celebrate with this holiday.

  • Prepare a special menu for your neighbour’s family and deliver it in their doorstep so that they wouldn’t know where it came from.
  • Give a cash donation to your local foundation that takes care of the old-aged man and woman.
  • Contribute to the nearest charitable institution in your community.
  • Do a random act of kindness to someone you don’t know in the train and pay for their fare.
  • Treat the driver of the bus you’re riding with a cup of coffee.
  • Teach your kids about the joy of giving to other people. 

National Philanthropy Day 2018

National Philanthropy Day will take place on a Thursday, November 15.